Addicted To Alberta - Hole #6

Addicted To Alberta - Hole #6

 #6 Innisfail Golf Club: Hazelwood Hole 6 – Par 4, 352 yards

 Listen up folks, if we haven’t got you hooked on Alberta golf thus far, we are certain it’s time for you to sell the clubs. How could you not be after those powerful first 5 holes! To be honest, it’s hard to top some of those mountain courses, but here’s the thing about Alberta, … DIVERSITY. Yea we have all these breath-taking mountains just a short drive into our backyard (big flex), but man do we have some serious bangers in the grasslands too!!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Innisfail Golf Club, we highly suggest a trip out there ASAP. Home to 27 unique yet challenging golf holes, boasting three masterfully crafted “parkland” tracks, Aspen, Hazelwood and Spruce, ICG is a must visit course located just south of Red Deer. She’s jam packed with pockets of mature spruce and poplar trees, extremely tight fairways and fast greens.

Their signature hole is number 6 on the Hazelwood 9 and its Golf Addicts top pick. Elevated tee box, 352 from the blues, lake on the left, army of trees on the right, and (in true Innisfail fashion) one hell of a tight fairway. You’re looking for a tee shot of around 200-220 yards to set yourself up for a nice approach shot. But even if you get a good look, you still have a lot of work to do. The “island-like” green is a tough one to pin and even harder to distinguish the breaks when you get there. Our advice, aim for the close side just past the green front bunker and get a nice long read on the “water sloping” break just past the middle. Happy swinging friends!!

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