Our Story

Established 2020, you could say.. we were created out of an ambition to provide Standout, top quality golf apparel, but I assure you, it is much more than that.
We started Golf Addicts because of our burning passion for the sport. The love of a saturday morning round.. hungover with the boys, the father's day round with the old man,  the epic feeling of draining a long putt.. the fact that you can play the same course over and over.. and no two rounds are exactly the same.. The whole lot. We do it because we love it.
While we love the sport, it didn't take long to notice.. the current golf drip isn't it. We on the other hand, are doing it differently. Golf needs some spice, to be shaken up, to stop wearing boring one colour polos, and we recognized this, so we're fixing it. We gotchu.
Our goal is to design Standout Polos, that are so damn comfortable, but also give off elite performance vibes that make you ooze confidence. Put on a Golf Addicts Polo and see for yourself.
We want to keep the laughs going, the birdie juice flowing, and to make sure, no matter what the situation in life.. that you never lay up.