Addicted to Alberta - HOLE #1

Addicted to Alberta - HOLE #1

Welcome to the first of 18 in the "Addicted to Alberta" series, within the duck hook diaries, where we at Golf Addicts will build our dream 18-hole golf course consisting of golf holes throughout the beautiful province of Alberta, Canada.

Alberta golf is without a doubt some of the most beautiful golfing in the world. It is home to some of the most diverse and challenging courses out there. From the elevation in the Canadian Rockies, the rich badlands, windy parries, and the rolling foothills, Alberta has it all. Over the next few months the Golf Addicts team will be designing the ultimate Alberta course, composed of some of our most memorable holes to date.

To kick off the Addicted To Alberta series, we had to go with

#1: “Wampum”-Par 4 - 440 yards. 

Our first hole is none other than hole 14, “Wampum”, at Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Club This 440-yard par four flexes an unforgettable view with the Fairmont “castle-like” Hotel sitting in the background, the soothing sound of the bow river to your right, all the while entirely engulfed in the mountains. If there was one hole that just screams Alberta Mountain golf, this is it. Teeing off this bad boy first thing in the morning, a light mist coming off the river, the bliss of nature all around you, and that perfect view of the Rockies would without a doubt butter the biscuit of every golfer out there. But don’t let its beauty fool you, an absolute cluster-duck of bunkers to the left and right and a duck hook off the fairway and this beaut could have us reaching for a beer sooner then we thought.

If you haven't had the luxury of shooting Wampum yet, get up and go to Banff springs and put a snowman on the card. This hole will punish if you are not careful... Tread lightly.



Want to keep hooking? I mean.. looking*

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