#3 "Cleopatra" Par 3, 214 yards

If you can't tell by now, The Duck Hook Diaries has been aboard the Fairmont train while picking our favourite golf course holes across Alberta, with #3 being no different. They call it "Cleopatra", and she is one hell of a par 3. After struggling to navigate the first two holes, you will step up to the tee box to this perfect synergy of beauty and pain located at Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course on the ninth hole. The backdrop is straight out of a fairytale.. with a large open grassland just past O.B behind the green, then, edging the grasslands is a beautiful forest tree line followed by the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Captivating the true sensation of the layered, yet evolving, landscape that is Alberta. Be careful not to get too caught up in the view though.. keep your head down and focus on your tee shot. If you hit it short.. long.. left.. or right.. you are in for a frustrating experience, as the green is surrounded by wild and convoluted bunkers that twist and turn on every side that will no doubt have you wishing you brought a beach towel. Trust me, speaking from experience, there's few holes in the world of golf that makes it so easy to be in 3 different bunkers on the same hole; Cleopatra is one of them.

What makes it even worse is most of the hole is downhill, and if you fat one, you will watch your ball slowly, yet inevitably, roll and roll to the point where all you can do is pray you don't end up in the trap at the bottom. This is certainly not a hole to play "Duck Hook Golf".

As tough as Cleopatra's afflictions can be, there's no way it could be overlooked in this series. The enchantress is worth it every time. If you're lucky enough to golf here during golden hour, you are in for an absolute beaut. Crack a cold brew, soak in the view.. and proceed to double par my friends. 


Want to keep hooking? I mean.. looking*

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