#4 River Spirit/Millburn: Hole 3 - Par 5, 511 yards

Next up on the Duck Hook Diaries, Addicted to Alberta series, is one absolutely stunning par 5. Welcome to hole 3 on the Millburn course at River Spirit Golf Club, and boy is she a doozy. From the blue tees it looks frighteningly tight….probably not the best hole to hit driver, so swallow your pride and pull out the hybrid. If you manage to make it through the tee box opening, just out of camera view, is a pond that runs along the right hand side of the first stretch just before the fairway. If you start your ball off-line and stray to the right, you had better carry at least 220, or you’re going to be swimming. If you manage to carry the water, it gets even worse, there is a 30 yard landing zone before you hit a cul-de-sac dead end of knee high grass and trees, leaving you with no other option than to hit the ball backwards to the left to get yourself back to the fairway.

If you are one of the lucky few that can hit this tight fairway, you still have a hefty long iron to reach the green in two. Fairway bunkers on the right, and green-side bunkers on the left make this hole a true high risk high reward track.

Even if you're wearing The Bomber polo (as pictured) you would have to be one brave soul to pull out driver here, regardless of the golf drip you have on. But as tough as this hole is, the elevated tee box definitely makes this one to remember. Soak in the views, keep that tee shot tight, and enjoy ! 

Want to keep hooking? I mean.. looking*

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